Learn如何画一只猫in this fun cat drawing tutorial! But this is no ordinary cat – this is a Colorful Cosmic Cat!

How to draw a cat with Thaneeya

If anyone ever told you that you shouldn't paint elephants pink or draw cows with purple stripes, thenthis drawing lesson is for you!Throw other people's rules out the window – let your imagination run wild!

我会告诉你如何创造这个可爱的宇宙猫,五颜六色的迷幻设计。您还可以使用这些想法来创建其他时髦的动物肖像,就像我用我的朋克摇滚小狗!!(你可以在右边看到其中一个!)你可以转身任何animal into a Cosmic Creature – rhinos, kangaroos, horses, anything!

For this drawing lesson, I used: a pencil, a捏橡胶(橡皮),Prismacolor Colored Pencils(but you can also use markers, pens, or paint!), anddrawing paper(这些链接到Blick Art Materials,如果您购买购买,我会得到一个有助于的小委员会支持这个网站).





I cropped the photo to show a close-up of his face. I love the way he's staring straight into the camera!

Cat Photo Close-Up


Cat Photo to Draw

On my paper, I drew a similar grid:


To draw the grid, first I drew a rectangle on my paper that was 7 inches across and 7.75 inches tall. To draw the interior lines of the grid, I divided those measurements in half. Therefore, the vertical middle line was 3.5 inches in, and the horizontal middle line was 3 7/8 inches in.


如何画一只猫on Art is Fun

For instance, look at the photo of the cat, and notice where his ears are. You can see that they are in the corners of the photo, but not quite touching the edge of the grid. So your job is to replicate that on your paper. Next look at how his chin is near the bottom edge of the photo, right in the middle of the central vertical line, and draw that on your paper. Draw lightly, so that you can erase any mistakes. (But more importantly, don't be afraid of making mistakes! No one gets it right on the first try. That's what erasers are for!)

Follow these same steps to draw the outline of the cat's head, as well as his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If you want, you can also draw outlines to signify the different patches of color on the cat's fur, like I did below:


Here comes the fun part:现在,您可以使用您想要的猫的颜色 - 使用您想要的任何设计,模式和颜色!我会告诉你我是如何画我的,但随时遵循你的创意幸福,用自己独特的方式画你的猫。

First I outlined the cat's head and main features with violet:

Outlining the cat with violet



“现在为什么她这样做?”你可能会问。让我和你分享一个cool colored pencil technique:

When you remove the cover sheet, your drawing paper will now be indented with the lines you drew on the cover sheet with the ball point pen. When you draw with your colored pencils过度那些缩进的线条,缩进线将保持(大多数)白色!

Colored Pencil and Pen Indentation Technique


Well, I drew the purple outline first so that I could清楚通过另一个纸张看到我放在它的顶部 - 否则我不知道在哪里绘制晶圆。所以晶须的一部分去过度紫色轮廓不会是白色的,但对于所有意图和目的,我对此很好。

Next I colored in his eyes. I drew sort of a multicolored striped pattern, but you can color your cat's eyes any way you want! You can make them a single color, or a few colors, or draw polka dots or hearts! Up to you!

Coloring the cat's eyes

Then I started working on the cat's ears:



Drawing the designs on the cat




Coloring in the cat





Next I filled in the middle part of the cat's face with greens and yellows, along with some darker green fur lines. I also went back and added some dark blue fur lines into the red spots, to help give the cat's fur more texture.

How to draw a cosmic cat

Then I finished the cat by coloring in the bottom half of his face with soft pinks, lavenders and blues.

Remembers those whisker indentations I drew earlier? In the photo below, you can see that those indentations stayed white, even though I colored over them:


You can also see that I added light blue lines underneath the indentations to accent the whiskers, to make them more visible. In the photo below, compare the accented whiskers with the blank whiskers and you'll see what I mean:



如何画一只猫Finished Drawing






To show you just a tiny sliver of the all infinite ways you can color your cat, here are some different cosmic cat drawings:





Just click on the image to open up a bigger, printable version. Right-click on the bigger image, save it to your hard drive, and print it as many times as you want. I made the outline a light grey so that you can easily draw over it with colored pencils, markers or pens.

I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson on how to draw a cat! If you drew a cosmic cat based on these instructions, send me a message – I'd love to see it!


Colored Pencils Guide

If you need some help picking out the best colored pencils for you, check out my彩色铅笔指南。我涵盖了品牌,一致性和永久性等重要的考虑因素。


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